Finally, some positive news about Catwoman. Earlier today a video landed online from the set of 'The Dark Knight Rises,' which showed the superhero crashing into an IMAX camera in Pittsburgh. Luckily, it was the stunt double -- who gets paid to survive high-speed collisions -- and not the actress playing the role, Anne Hathaway (who jokingly chewed out MTV yesterday for their "meh" reaction to the first photo of her in costume).

Moviefone recently spoke to Anne in New York City during a press event for her upcoming film, 'One Day.' And we weren't about to pass up the opportunity to ask the 28-year-old about her upcoming spell inside the clawed crusader's rubber suit.

Turns out Hathaway, in keeping with her good-girl reputation, did quite a bit of advance research on the role. "There are a lot of comic books out there that will just focus on the mythology of Catwoman, so I bought as many of those as I could find," she said. Not that she was delighted by everything she found -- in fact, the first meeting between Catwoman and Batman, in Batman #1 from 1940, struck her as downright sexist.

"They are on a ship, and Catwoman has been impersonating an old woman. Batman tears off her disguise -- and she's only known as the Cat [at this point] -- so she jumps at him, and is like, 'I will claw your eyes out.' And Batman's response to her is 'Quiet or papa spank.' I was like, 'Thank God times have changed and Chris Nolan believes in equality of the sexes.'"

So which Catwoman comic is worthy of Anne's approval? "There is a later one where it's the origin story of Selina [Kyle] and she's [the] Cat. She follows this guy into a museum because she wants to steal this piece, and she touches it and this guy is like, 'You've defiled it with your female hands,'" Hathaway recalls. "[It also includes] her training to become a fighter and she has to battle the guy who was a jerk to her in the beginning, and you get to meet her master who believed in her and who gave her a shot."

Will gender politics dominate the relationship between Hathaway's Catwoman and Christian Bale's Batman? Will Anne Hathaway prove worthy of Eartha Kitt's purrrr-fectly preserved legacy? And what the heck does Hathaway think about 'One Day' anyway?

Keep tuning in right here -- same Bat time, same Bat channel -- for those answers, and let us know your best guesses in the comments!
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