Star Trek fans everywhere are in for some awesome news: There are now plans for a Star Trek theme park. (Take that, Star Wars!)

The park will be based in the country of Jordan because, apparently, King Abdullah II is a major Trekkie. (He allegedly had a non-speaking cameo in 'Star Trek: Voyager' back in 1995.)

The park, however, won't just be for sci-fi geeks. The Star Trek experience will be part of a larger complex, including hotels, theaters, dining and shopping.

There aren't many details on what to expect on the Trek side of things. According to the Facebook page of Rubicon Group Holding, the developer of the project, the "Star Trek–themed center ... will deliver a variety of multi-sensory 23rd-century experiences, culminating with a state-of-the-art space-flight adventure that takes real-time immersive entertainment experiences to bold new heights."

It sounds awesome, but we still don't know too much just yet. Therefore, we decided to take the initiative and think up a few Trek-related rides and attractions:

Klingon Dunk Tank: Take a shot at your favorite (or least-favorite) Klingon by dunking him in a giant water tank.

Shoot the Romulan: It takes place on a course designed like their Warbird starship. We won't use real phasers, of course -- that would just be cruel. They'd be more like stun guns.

Beam Me Up, Scotty! The Ride: Transport yourself to anywhere in the universe. (Just make sure it's not somewhere like Rura Penthe.)

Chocolate Vulcan Ears: Part of the delicious food selection at the Trek theme park, these ears melt in your mouth, not on your head, so you can wear them around the entire day.

Trek-cot World Showcase: Sample the cuisine, learn the languages, and experience the customs of various Trek ethnicities like the Vulcans, Klingons, Romulans and Cardassians.

Shuttlecraft Bumper Cars: All the fun of riding a shuttlecraft, except that if you crash into another one, you won't go up in a fiery blaze.

Bajoran Wormhole Laser Light Show: Want the fun of experiencing a wormhole without potentially ending up 70,000 light years away? Then head on over to this attraction where the wormhole's blue clouds and swirling gold lights shine from our IMAX-size screen.

Borg Cube Haunted Starship: Take a trip through this haunted attraction, where the Borg creep up on unsuspecting visitors. Be prepared to defend yourself as the Borg will try to assimilate you.

Alien Drive-Thru Safari: Jump on the back of a shuttlecraft and take a trip to see everything from gorns to mugatos to salt vampires. Just make sure not to pet anything.

Orion Slave Girl Dance Show: Take a break from the rides and experience some live entertainment from the lovely green ladies.

Guardian of Forever Hall of History: Jump through this virtual time portal and look back at some of the best moments in 'Star Trek' history. If you ever wanted to hear Captain Kirk scream "KHAAAAAN!" right in your face, then this is the place to do it.

Stuffed Tribbles: A gift for the kids or that special someone.

Photo courtesy of Everett Collection.
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