We've just closed the polls on Round 1 of the Movie Genre vs. Movie Genre Tournament, and the One-Worders simply dominated the Genres That Take a Bit More Than That to Explain (or GTTBMTTE-ers), racking up 7 wins to just 1 loss. Guess you guys are into the whole brevity thing, huh. Well, now things start to get really interesting as we'll have three One-Worder vs. One-Worder battles, so it's time to pick your poison.

The biggest win in Round 1 went to the Superheroes genre, which defeated Nicholas Sparks Book Adaptations 93%-7%. Yikes. Thought we had a few more 'Notebook' fans around here.

The closest contest was between Zombies and Underdog Sports Teams and, just like in the movies, the Zombies started out with a commanding lead only to see the plucky Underdogs pull out a stunning last-second, razor-thin triumph -- 50.2% to 49.8% -- giving the GTTBMTTE-ers their lone victory.

It's on to Round 2. Below are your new matchups. Take a moment to vote, and be sure to check back in tomorrow for the Final Four.




These two genres had the narrowest margins of victory in Round 1, so we're eager to see how they match up here. Gangsters have been some of the most popular characters in film history, claiming the likes of Michael Corleone, Tony Montana and Donnie Brasco (plus many others not played by Al Pacino). But if you've ever seen -- and cried at the end of -- 'Miracle' or 'Hoosiers' or 'The Rookie' you know you can never count out those Underdog Sports Teams.

Better movie genre: Mobsters or Underdog Sports Teams?
Mobsters647 (62.8%)
Underdog Sports Teams384 (37.2%)




Both Robots and Vampires annihilated the competition in Round 1, with each winning by about 60 percentage points over 19th-Century European Costume Dramas and Plucky Street Dance Teams. (Maybe not so plucky after all, eh?) This is a genuine heavyweight fight, with each genre boasting some of the most popular characters (Artoo and Threepio, anyone?) and franchises ('Twilight') of all time.

Better movie genre: Robots or Vampires?
Robots574 (54.9%)
Vampires471 (45.1%)




Superheroes had the widest victory margin in Round 1, while Slashers also easily disposed of its opponent, Men in Fat Suits. Freddy, Jason and Michael Myers have thus far proven pretty much impossible to kill, but we'll see what our Spandex-wearing, evil-battling, comic-book-inspired adventurers have to say now that they have their chance.

Better movie genre: Superheroes or Slashers?
Superheroes934 (87.5%)
Slashers134 (12.5%)




Monkeys and Pirates both had somewhat surprisingly easy first-round triumphs. This represents the battle we'd most like to see happen in real life. You could do a best-of-three-type fight, with one round on a pirate ship, one round in the jungle, and one round in a mystery location. That has Pay Per View written all over it.

Better movie genre: Monkeys or Pirates?
Monkeys193 (18.8%)
Pirates832 (81.2%)

Be sure to check back in tomorrow to find out who made the Final Four!