Hey folks, this is a family-friendly convention!

The participants on the panels for Sony films 'Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance,' 'Total Recall' and '30 Minutes or Less' had to be reminded more than once to keep things clean for the kiddies.

The adrenaline-loving co-directors of the 'Ghost Rider' sequel promised to film their next movie naked and then things got even bluer. The twitchy duo of Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor showed a clip of themselves filming their "hardcore, badass" stunts, including following their motorcycle-riding actors on rollerblades to get every death-defying shot. "If a stuntman gets hurt, we promise it will be in the film. You will see real bones breaking in Ghost Rider. We ain't joking," they vowed in one of the more bizarre Comic-Con movie sales pitches.

Another non-family friendly moment: When a fan said he admired Nicolas Cage, "even if he's a wife beater."

Fans also got uncomfortably real with the 'Total Recall' panel, where someone asked Colin Farrell why he was "doing crap like this." They were joking, we think.

And while Farrell behaved fine during the 'Total Recall' panel, earlier in the day, we caught the tail end (literally) of his 'Fright Night' presentation, in which he nearly flashed the entire audience while bending over to give a fan an autograph. As the moderator observed: Colin goes commando. Now that's a tagline (and another Ah-nuld remake) we can (ahem) get behind.

A question about how Kate Beckinsale felt about stepping into a role originated by Sharon Stone spiraled into a 'Basic Instinct' joke: "I'm doing the (x-rated) pose under the table right now," Beckinsale quipped.

John Cho, who goes blonde as a "brain vacation" salesman in the film, dropped the f-bomb in describing how he felt about his look. Before making him undergo the bleach job, director Len Wisemen sent him a Photoshopped version of Cho with blonde hair. "I f**king love it," he said.

But the most foul-mouthed panel had to be the '30 Minutes or Less' one, where the stars riffed inappropriately for what seemed far more than 30 minutes, despite not having actor Jessie Eisenberg or Danny McBride on hand. McBride sent in a clip in which he referred to his co-stars as "selfish, super a-holes" and more than one swear word was missed in the censored footage that was shown of the bank robbery scene. The clip itself: Really funny. The panel: Painful!

*Top photo courtesy of AP
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