The brand-new Moviefone iPad app has just hit iTunes, and it's pretty sweet, if we do say so ourselves.

Using it, you can check out all the latest trailers, find movie theaters and showtimes, buy tickets, plus browse all the latest news stories -- all from the comfort of your handheld tablet computer. The app is super-easy to use and -- this will surely please Apple customers -- it looks great too. We're actually quite proud of it, to be honest, and we think you'll agree.

We've added a few new goodies to this updated version, which you can read about below ...

Location, Location, Location
The app can now help you find restaurants and bars nearby your theater. So if you want to meet up beforehand for dinner or maybe grab a drink to discuss the film afterward, we'll help make it easier for you to find one close by that you like.

Revamped Favorites Section
Using Favorites, you can now save whatever movies you like the most. If you spot a trailer that you think looks great, mark it as a Favorite and you can always go back to watch it again or check for any updated info as it comes out. This option now also works for stars and news articles.

Updated Video Area
Here we'll feature not just the latest trailers and clips, but also exclusive Moviefone content like our Unscripted series, Six-Second Reviews and interviews with the stars. Video looks absolutely fantastic on the iPad, so the improvements we've made here will blow you away.

Expanded News Selection
You'll now have access to over 20 news categories, like the latest casting announcements, breaking stories from Hollywood, Moviefone original feature articles, awards-show coverage and interviews with your favorite performers and creators.

All this, plus you can easily share videos, celebrity bios, articles and anything else you find. Below, check out some larger images so you can get a clearer idea of what you'll see. (Click the one on the left to start the gallery.)

Wondering how your iPad can be a really great movie-watching experience? We have some ideas here.

Download the Moviefone iPad app here.
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