Today on indieWIRE, a teaser dropped for a surefire awards contender, we told you what hit and what missed at the box office so far this year, and much more.

  • We offer our look at the numbers that 2011's specialty releases have been bringing in. Click here for some very encouraging news.

  • 'Let the Right One In' director Tomas Alfredson's first English-language film will be released stateside this November. Click here to check out the trailer.

  • For our new daily feature, iW's Online Video of the Day, we'll scour the web for an interesting video you probably haven't seen yet. Check out the super-odd 'Example Short 23.976' here.

  • We spoke to the star of Azazel Jacobs' new film 'Terri' about improv, auditions, and what's next. Check it out here.

  • Leonard Maltin holds an on-stage conversation with the stars of Richard Linklater's 'Bernie' during the opening night of the Los Angeles Film Festival. For more, click here.

  • Writer Craig D. Lindsay talks soundtracks in his new weekly column 'Reeling and Spinning.' Check out his in-depth reading of Tarantino's 'Inglourious Basterds' soundtrack here.

  • Critic Simon Abrams debuts his new Simon Says column on our Press Play blog with a look at the negative critical response to 'The Green Lantern' through the classic Roger Ebert review of 'Zardoz.' Click here for the full analysis.