Jack Black as a superhero? Yeah, we can hear your groans from here. Well that's what 'Green Lantern' almost turned into: a comedy starring the 'Kung Fu Panda' actor.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Robert Smigel (best known for his writing on 'SNL' and 'Late Night With Conan O'Brien') revealed that he was originally tasked with writing a comedic version of the DC Comics superhero. In his version, the power ring ends up in the hands of a reality television star played by Black.

Of course, fans of the 'Green Lantern' comics were none too pleased when they found out this was going to happen, and Smigel's script was eventually canned.

Hit the jump to see what Smigel had to say about the negative reaction about his script.

"I'm a huge 'Peanuts' fan, so if I heard they were doing a new 'Peanuts' with Jack Black as Charlie
Brown, I'd be mad, too. And I'd be twice as mad if I heard I was writing it," Smigel told Vanity Fair.

He then spoke about how he eventually came to the idea of a 'Green Lantern' comedy: "What appealed to me about it on a comedic level was that, in order to be a superhero, this requires no physical skill or talent. All it requires is owning this ring. Automatically, that's a comedic premise."

How do you think a 'Green Lantern' comedy starring Jack Black would have done?