'Hobbit' fans, meet Smaug -- well, at least the actor voicing Smaug. Benedict Cumberbatch, who has already been getting attention for his part in Steven Spielberg's, 'War Horse,' made his name on the stage before being cast in supporting roles in 'Atonement' and 'The Other Boleyn Girl.' He has also received critical acclaim for his role as Sherlock Holmes on BBC's 'Sherlock.'

However, taking on the evil dragon won't be the only character Cumberbatch plays in the film. Director Peter Jackson has also cast him as the voice of Necromancer.

In other 'Hobbit' casting news, Luke Evans ('Clash of the Titans') will play Bard the Grim, a skilled archer and heir of King Girion of Dale.

Hit the jump to hear the voice behind Smaug.

We did assume the voice of Smaug would have a deeper, grislier tone -- you know, something that would suit a dragon. Granted, it's entirely possible they will be adding something to it during post-production. Either way, we are willing to give him a shot. After all, if he's good enough for Peter Jackson, he's good enough for us.

What do you think of Benedict Cumberbatch for the role of Smaug? How about Luke Evans as Bard the Grim?

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