When is a fan a real fanatic? Well, ask Boomerjinks of Denver. He's a moviegoer who decided to take his fandom to a new level: by turning cars into replicas of those in the films he loves.

His first outing was a replica of the Ectomobile from 'Ghostbusters'; then he tuned his attention to 'Jurassic Park,' a film that obviously stirred some emotion deep in his ratchet-wrench heart. Anyhow, Boomerjinks went out and bought a 1990 Jeep Wrangler for $4,000 and spent three years turning it into a replica of JP Car No. 18 from 'Jurassic Park,' changing around body parts, getting the proper graphics and paint job.

The cool thing about this job is how subdued it is. You can drive the Jeep around town and people might not pay attention to it, but if you're a 'Jurassic Park' fan, you'll catch on right away.

As Boomerjinks says in his posts outlining the rebuilding of the Jeep, all he needs now to make it complete is a bloodied Jeff Goldblum.

[Tip o' the hat to JoBlo.]
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