UPDATE: The videos have been removed which seems to hint that they were in fact, fakes (albeit, well-produced fakes).

Two new 'Dark Knight Rises' teaser videos have popped on up YouTube, uploaded by 'The Fire Rises' -- the same username revealed in the Twitter image of villain Bane a few weeks ago.

The first is a news report from GCN from TV anchor Anthony Michael Hall, with sketchy TV footage that's labeled "Arkham Breakout?" There's also a quick flash of a Facebook page URL, which also belongs to The Fire Rises (aka Warner Bros. Entertainment, according to the user info page).

The second video, titled 'Outbreak,' features the same eerie chanting as on the movie's official website.

See the videos -- and a potential spoiler concerning one character -- after the jump.

The production has been filming in and around London and reports from the Croydon set (a town in South London) reveal that the Croydon Delta Point building is doubling for a Gotham hospital.

SPOILER ALERT: Reportedly, Alfred (Michael Caine) is there as a patient. The building is also supposed to be scheduled for a "computerized demolition."

Filming began April 19 on the eagerly anticipated follow-up to 'The Dark Knight.' Christian Bale returns as Bruce Wayne / Batman, with the additions of Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle / Catwoman and 'Inception' stars Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tom Hardy.

What's your interpretation of these videos?

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