In a move that sounds suspiciously like something Lisbeth Salander might want to solve in the Steig Larsson book (and David Fincher movie) 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,' it seems the much-hyped trailer for the American version has been leaked a few days ahead of schedule.

The so-called 'red band' trailer showed up on YouTube over the holiday weekend, and the internet has been abuzz as to whether this was a deliberate move on Sony Pictures' part. Set to a Trent Reznor-Karen O. cover of the Led Zeppelin tune 'Immigrant Song,' there is no dialogue, and it features some racier content that probably wouldn't be featured in an official release -- like the partial side nudity of Rooney Mara, and an excessively bloody Daniel Craig.

According to IFC, the seemingly bootlegged trailer, which is said to have originated with a YouTube user in the Netherlands, stunned anyone at Sony, who have yet to pull the clip. Speculation has it that the video was meant to leak: it's of relatively pristine quality, is clear, and is totally audible.

*Warning: Partial Nudity*

Some internet bloggers have rightly pointed out, however, that this is wildly divergent from director Fincher's normal behavior -- he prefers the audience to see his films' trailers on the big screen.

Whether this is deliberate or not, the 'Dragon Tattoo' trailer is getting major buzz. At the end, it calls itself "The Feel Bad Movie of Christmas,' and is set for wide release in North America on December 21.