Here's a hairy situation. What do you do after your hot, A-list director drops out of your hot, A-list film? Well, if you're 20th Century Fox -- and the film is the high profile 'The Wolverine' (starring Hugh Jackman) -- you put together a wish list of directors and hope that one of them will bite.

It's been two months since Darren Aronofsky declined to work on the film and, according to Variety, Fox is considering eight candidates for the job: Doug Liman ('The Bourne Identity'), Mark Romanek ('Never Let Me Go'), Jose Padilha ('Elite Squad'), Antoine Fuqua ('Training Day'), Justin Lin ('Fast Five'), James Mangold ('Walk the Line'), Gavin O'Connor ('Pride and Glory') and Gary Shore (a commercials director).

According to The Playlist, however, the candidates may not be falling all over themselves to work on the film.

20th Century Fox has a history and it's not always a good one. While Darren Aronofsky left 'The Wolverine' project under the pretenses of family obligations, it's been reported that 'Black Swan' director left the project due to lack of creative control. That coupled with the fact that Matthew Vaughn seems to have been put through the ringer by the studio on 'X-Men: First Class' --- he was super rushed, was forced to use five different cinematographers, had to switch assistant directors and didn't know who his crew was on certain days -- and it's any wonder why anyone in their right mind would want to work on one of Fox's super hero films. But god knows people need jobs and or studios can dream, can't they?

But directors beware. 'The Wolverine' seems to have some bad karma going for it. A lot of the action takes place in Japan, and the earthquakes and floods that devastated parts of that country have hampered the production and delayed its start. Right now the film has no release date.