It's hammer time.

No one could touch 'Thor' at the box office this weekend. The hammer-wielding thunder god debuted at No. 1 with an estimated $66 million, about as much as the rest of the top five combined.

'Thor' didn't open as big as some other Marvel movies, like the first 'Iron Man' ($102 million in 2008). Still, that $66 million was right in line with expectations, with some 60 percent of that generated from 3D and IMAX screenings. Plus, the movie has already earned $176 million overseas. So shed no tears for the earthbound Norse god.

Vin Diesel and the Rock may be weeping a little, however, since 'Fast Five' took the biggest pounding from 'Thor.' After opening at No. 1 a week ago, it dropped a drastic 63 percent of last week's business and fell to second place. Then again, a weekend take estimated at $32.5 million is nothing to cry about. Nor is a ten-day total of $139.9 million.

Vying for third place this Mother's Day weekend were wedding-themed comedies 'Jumping the Broom' and 'Something Borrowed.' At press time, 'Jumping' had a slight edge, though that could change when final numbers are released Monday. Its estimated $13.7 million (compared to $13.2 million for 'Borrowed') is especially impressive, considering that it opened on 869 fewer theaters than 'Borrowed,' and that it's competing for the same predominantly African-American audience as 'Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family,' still in the top 10. 'Jumping,' however had decent reviews, while few critics liked 'Borrowed.' So 'Jumping,' with a reported budget of $6.6 million, is already a hit, while 'Borrowed,' which cost a reported $35 million, will have trouble making back its budget.

Rounding out the top five was 'Rio,' still the top choice for families with young children. It earned an estimated $8.2 million, a decline of 45 percent from last week. Its four-week total is $114.9 million.

'Thor' - Trailer No. 3

The full top 10:
1. 'Thor,' $66.0 million (3,955 screens), new release
2. 'Fast Five,' $32.5 million (3,662), $139.9 million total
3. 'Jumping the Broom,' $13.7 million (2,035), new release
4. 'Something Borrowed,' $13.2 million (2,904), new release
5. 'Rio,' $8.2 million (3,258), $114.9 million
6. 'Water for Elephants,' $5.6 million (2,614), $41.6 million
7. 'Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family,' $3.9 million (1,881), $46.8 million
8. 'Prom,' $2.4 million (2,730), $7.8 million
9. 'Soul Surfer,' $2.1 million (1,781), $36.7 million
10. 'Hoowinked Too! Hood vs. Evil,' $1.9 million (2,505), $6.7 million

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