There are no term limits on killer cyborgs. Just ask ex-California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who, Deadline reports, is eyeing his return to the big screen by taking on his most iconic role: the Terminator.

What's more, director Justin Lin, whose 'Fast Five' is expected to open with a bang at the box office this weekend, is part of a package that is being shopped around to the studios today by CAA, which represents Schwarzenegger. Robert W. Cort is producing, though no screenwriter has been hired. Universal, Sony, and Lionsgate are already interested.

Since leaving Sacramento, Schwarzenegger has been interested in several projects, including Summit's 'The Tomb' and Lionsgate's 'Last Stand,' but this is, obviously, the role that tickles his fancy.

Are we ready for a fifth Terminator film? Are we ready for an old Terminator (Schwarzenegger turns 64 this July)? It will be interesting to see what a studio comes up with, given the sketchy track record of the last two entries in the franchise. But if there's anything we've learned from Hollywood, it's that with the proper care and feeding, anything old can be made new again; tinseltown's mantra of remake, redo and reboot can bring bust or boom.

What's your take on 'Terminator 5'?