With the first 'Thor' reviews rolling in, buzz indicates it might be even better than 'Iron Man.' Some reviewers calling the movie Marvel Studios' best cartoon adaptation yet and singling out star Chris Hemsworth for special praise. (As of today, it's running 89 percent positive on Rotten Tomatoes.)

Of course, most of these early reviews are from the film's comic-book-loving fandom circles. The two major industry papers also liked it, but one wasn't quite a rave.

The Hollywood Reporter says, "The hammer-hurling god of thunder kicks off this superhero summer with a bang." Variety was less enthusiastic, saying, "It delivers the goods so long as butt is being kicked and family conflict is playing out in celestial dimensions, but is less thrilling during the Norse warrior god's rather brief banishment on Earth."

Read more reviews after the jump. Look for AOL's review -- and our interviews from the set -- closer to the release date of May 6.

"Two hammers up! As much of an A to B job as these films are, they're all very solid commercial blockbusters and Thor is no exception -- in fact visually it might just be the most impressive."

The Vine: "A winning blend of thrill and feeling, respect and irreverence, Thor lifts Marvel's movie stocks considerably."

Matt's Movie Reviews: "Impressive in scale and design and featuring a star-making turn from its leading man, 'Thor' is a dazzling example of the superhero movie done right."

Comic Book Resources: "While 'Thor' is not a perfect film, it is the best from Marvel Studios yet ... For a young actor who's never carried a movie of this scale on his own, [Chris Hemsworth] gives an impressive performance ... Tom Hiddleston's Loki is ... an instantly memorable villain."

The Film Pie: "There are quite a few characters in the mix, but my reaction throughout much of 'Thor' was apathetic. It's not a horrible film, but it's one that doesn't want to take any chances."

IGN Movies: "Solidly entertaining, most noteworthy for taking what could have been utterly campy material and making it dramatic and relatable."

What do you think? Are you stoked or skeptical?

[Via Cinemablend]