Christopher Nolan's Batman saga has filmed in locations all over the world, from Chicago to Hong Kong. For 'The Dark Knight Rises,' the saga can now add the exotic locale of Pittsburgh to its crime-fighting map.

Variety is reporting that the Steel City has won out on the chance to host the highly-anticipated film shoot. The director of the Pittsburgh Film Office explained: "A single film can mean millions of dollars and many local jobs. A franchise as prestigious as Batman opens our region up to an entirely new audience as filmmakers and studio executives experience southwestern Pennsylvania."

And this news is exciting for non-Pittsburgh Batman fans too because it finally confirms that 'TDKR' will begin shooting this summer. Meaning if you can't wait til the July 20, 2012 release date for the movie, you now have a time and place for your Batman pilgrimage.

But a warning: if you are planning to take a summertime road trip to Pittsburgh in hopes of getting a sneak peek at Christian Bale and/or Anne Hathaway in skin-tight leather, be prepared to face a daunting wall of Warner Bros. security.

Now for all those who have lived in or traveled through the City of Bridges: Do you think Pittsburgh will be a good stand-in for Gotham?
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