The reach of Vanilla Ice knows no bounds. In 1990, "Ice Ice Baby" led his breakout album to become the fastest-selling hip-hop album of all time. The fame led him to a blip in 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2,' before someone had the bright idea of fashioning the one-hit wonder as the new James Dean in a 'Rebel Without a Cause'-type affair, 'Cool As Ice.' But Marky Mark he was not. The film tanked and Rob Van Winkle disappeared from the spotlight for a while. But he didn't stay dormant.

Over the last 15 years, Rob V has done a little of everything, from creating darker, self-produced music and guesting on a Bloodhound Gang release, to getting arrested a bunch, digging into 'The Surreal Life,' leading home makeovers on an HGTV show, zipping around on 'Dancing on Ice,' a guest gig on 'The New Guy' and pulling out some ice, ice flava for a spoof called 'The Helix Loaded.'

But now he's going mainstream once again, thanks to Adam Sandler.

Variety reports that Winkle will play Sandler's old friend in the upcoming comedy 'I Hate You, Dad.' The movie will focus on a father (Sandler) who moves in with his son (Andy Samberg), only to clash with his son's future wife, whom Leighton Meester is in talks to play. Never mind that Sandler is only 11 years older than Samberg, James Caan is also in talks to give some realistic age as a father figure -- ironically for Meester, who is young enough to be Sandler's kid.

But back to Rob. Though there's little chance he pulls off an evolution like Mark Whalberg, Sandler's Happy Madison shingle might be just the place for him.

Are you ready for another chilling gust of vanilla-tinged ice?
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