It's about time we get some 'Hunger Games' news to report that doesn't revolve around the casting of Katniss, Peeta or Gale. When this whole casting clamor began, Chloe Moretz was at the top of the list to lead as Katniss. Clearly that didn't end up working out, but, on the bright side, Lionsgate's decision to go with Jennifer Lawrence for the part made another role accessible to Moretz: Katniss' younger sister, Prim.

In the books, it isn't Katniss that's selected to be thrown into the brutal Hunger Games, but rather her little sister, 12-year-old Primrose, or Prim for short. Thanks to the Capitol's volunteering policy, if a girl's name is read and another girl between the ages of 12 and 18 would like to take her position, she's able to do so and, sure enough, Katniss seizes the opportunity and spares her sister. After that, Prim's role is fairly minimal, but in the third book in particular, she certainly steps into the spotlight.

Now, back to Moretz. While walking the red carpet for the First Annual Comedy Awards in New York City, MTV caught up with the 14-year-old actress. Before even mentioning 'The Hunger Games,' Moretz said, "I just booked a huge project last night, which you're gonna die when you find out, it's huge!" What better segue to 'Hunger Games' talk? When it came time to address the topic specifically, Moretz was much more cryptic acknowledging that she did go in to talk to the filmmakers, but that she "can't really say anything." From there she went on to sing Lawrence's praises and recall the time she worked with Lawrence herself when she was just seven in 'The Poker House.'

Could 'The Hunger Games' turn into a reunion for the two? There's no way to be sure until the actual news hits. While I'd like to bet there's a good chance Moretz's big gig is 'The Hunger Games,' of course, there are certainly a slew of other films in the works that she might be just as excited about booking.

Then again, should Moretz have nailed a role in the potential trilogy, odds are, that role would be Prim and, should that be the case, kudos to Lionsgate for nailing the part. While I was a big advocate of Moretz for Katniss, now that the studio has opted to take the older route for their lead, it means we'll need an older actress to play Prim, too. In the book, Katniss is 16 while Prim is 12, and in actuality Lawrence is 20, so it'd make sense for 14-year-old Moretz to play Prim. Also, the duo would have no trouble passing as sisters. Another plus? Moretz is quite the talented young actress.

But again, this is in no way fact and Moretz could certainly have been talking about another film entirely. Your guess is as good as mine, so what do you think?
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