Michael Cera partakes in a bass battle! Okay, maybe not, but he got onstage to jam. IFC geeks out at the chance to link Facebook Like and the Faith of five-by-five -- or Eliza Dushku. Cee Lo hits the stage. It's not exactly a celeb sighting, but Felicia Day is looking killer in this piece about online videos.

John Gholson, who has a bit part in 'My Sucky Teen Romance,' talks to young girl filmmaker Emily Hagins about her third film for The Week in Geek, and being rejected from UCLA: "I appreciate higher education, and I've always wanted to maintain my grades so I could potentially go to college, but school isn't something that excites me as much as making movies. ... When I got the rejection, I was upset for maybe ten minutes, then I thought, 'Oh, well. I'm going to make another movie now.'"

Peter Martin reviews 'You Instead,' noting that the film "deftly captures the pleasant vibe of a gigantic summertime festival where no humans or animals were harmed."

The fest isn't over, but the SXSW winners have been announced, including a whole slew for the film 'Natural Selection.'

Eric Kohn reviews 'Kumaré,' noting: "Ghandi makes it clear that he actually came to appreciate the earnestness behind a mass desire to accept spiritual concepts for the sake of personal satisfaction. However, that doesn't alter the nature of his prank, which he describes as 'the biggest lie I've ever told and the greatest truth I've ever experienced.'"

...and 'Green': "As a quiet, tense and near-experimental sexual thriller, 'Green' is effectively haunting. However, writer-director-star Sophie Takal doesn't provide the full-bodied story needed to make its tantalizing ideas come together."

Brian Brooks interviews Rodman Flender, the filmmaker behind the new doc 'Conan O'Brien Can't Stop.'

indieWIRE offers a guide to all of the films at SXSW 2011, plus the fest's filmmakers in their own words and a look into the Transmedia panels.


Swanky mag Black Book talks with James Gunn, the mind behind 'Super.'

Pee-wee Herman cracks the 'Source Code.'

Super Mario leaves gaming for the indie film world.

Movieline shares a weird animated short about Jake Gyllenhaal's bathroom peep show.

Robert Rodriguez talks classic comics.

From the premiere of teen auteur Emily Hagin's latest, 'My Sucky Teen Romance,' Twitter attendee @jonniechang notes: "Standing O for @cheesynuggets, director of MY SUCKY TEEN ROMANCE. She's 18, and this is her THIRD feature!"

Here's the trailer, which is already better than 'Vampires Suck':

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