The toys are back in town! has just posted an exclusive video preview of the brand-new 'Toy Story' animated short 'Hawaiian Vacation,' set to premiere before 'Cars 2' on Jun. 24.

In it, Ken (Michael Keaton) and Barbie (Jodi Benson) try to sneak away to Hawaii with their new owner, Bonnie, only to discover that they never actually left her bedroom. From then on, it's up to Woody, Buzz and the rest of the toys to turn Bonnie's room into the ultimate Hawaiian getaway. interviewed the short's director, Gary Rydstrom, about the short, in which he also teased the short that will be shown before this November's 'Muppets' movie and discussed the possibility of a 'Toy Story 4.'

"They haven't announced what that one's about, but the idea is to try making more," he said of the 'Muppets' short. "There are several stories being worked on, different shorts in the pipeline. We discovered with these characters that it's not necessarily easy to come up with stories for 'Toy Story' shorts, but it certainly is fun and there's a rich vein of material."

Watch the 'Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation' preview here.
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