The annual Academy Awards telecast is notorious for being a tad too long, and at times rather snooze-worthy, so we suggest you throw a themed fiesta to spice up the evening.

If you do it right, your Oscar party should cover some essential: friendly competition (play our Oscars pool), laughter (hello, fashion faux pas), plenty of booze (only if you're of legal drinking age), a "speak your mind" policy (yelling at the TV is entirely acceptable) and tons of delicious food (hey, you're not the one who has to walk the red carpet).

So if you've never attended or thrown an Oscar party, we suggest you get into it this year. And to help move you right along, we've partnered up with our friends at to craft a tasty, tipsy, creative list of Oscar soiree tips for you to use Sunday night.

And be sure to check out the best Oscars coverage on the Web right HERE on Moviefone -- we'll be covering fashion hits and misses, real-time winner updates, breakout moments and so much more.

TIP: Make the night interesting with an Oscars pool.

• Print Oscar ballots HERE and have your guests fill them out before the show kicks off
• Include a tie-breaker question (for example: When will the show end -- down to the minute?)
• Play for a fun prize to make it interesting

SLASHFOOD TIP: Keep it classy with some Hollywood-inspired cocktail ideas from

Cocktail: Jane Russell
History (via Slashfood): Back in the '50s, Marilyn Monroe's dark-haired counterpart proved that gentlemen don't always prefer blondes. Brian Miller, formerly of New York's acclaimed Death & Company, created this complex variation on the Manhattan in her honor.

Get the recipe and more here.

Cocktail: Mary Pickford
History (via Slashfood): One of Hollywood's original sweethearts, Mary Pickford was in dozens of films and co-founded United Artists. She was also the inspiration for this rum-based recipe.

Get the recipe and more here.

Cocktail: Romanoff's of Beverly Hills
History (via Slashfood): If you were a movie star in the '40s or '50s you most likely hung out at Romanoff's. The restaurant was a favorite haunt of the Rat Pack, Bogart, Bacall and dozens of other Hollywood insiders. This powerful but refreshing gin concoction was its house cocktail.

Get the recipe and more here.

See more Hollywood cocktail recipes here.

TIP: Get sloppy with us by playing Moviefone's Oscars drinking game

Make the most of the lengthy telecast and every awkward moment, Hollywood cliche and funny line by following along with the rules for our drinking game. Check out a sampler below, then head over to the full list to share with your party.

• Sip if Natalie Portman mentions having sex with her boyfriend.

• Every time someone makes a joke about cutting off his or her arm (a la James Franco in '127 Hours'), take a sip.

• If 'Salt' wins sound mixing, eat a pretzel and chug a beer for your dry mouth.

• Sip every time someone is compared to Meryl Streep.

See our full list of rules here.

TIP: Feed your guests, especially if you're planning on playing our drinking game.

The Academy Awards can run from three to four hours, so you'll want to prepare a lot of food and serve it at varying intervals throughout the night. Bite-sized treats and easy to manage foods are your best bet. Follow the below food tips from Wolfgang Puck and you'll really impress your guests.

SLASHFOOD Bonus: Wolfgang Puck's Oscar party suggestions on

Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck will be leading the charge at his 17th Governors Ball (the official Academy Awards after party) Sunday night. So who better than the man himself to dish on Oscar party tips and tricks? See below for a snippet of his expertise, then head over to Slashfood to read more.

On decorations ...
WP: I think you have to decorate the house a little bit, so it looks like it has something to do about movies.

On what kind of food to serve ...
WP: The best thing is to serve a buffet -- to have some good salads, like a chopped vegetable salad, some asparagus, some cooked artichokes, and then some warm dishes, like braised short ribs, especially if you're on the East Coast, where often the beginning of March is still very cold.

Read more of Puck's expert tips

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