Ever wonder what the stars get to eat when they attend award shows?

Moviefone has obtained an exclusive first look at the menu being served at this Saturday's Independent Spirit Awards, airing 10PM ET on IFC.

After the jump, check out what nominees like Michelle Williams and James Franco will be dining on throughout the ceremony.

And don't forget to return to Moviefone Saturday night for our full coverage of the Indie Spirit Awards ceremony, which Moviefone has just learned will include presentations from Naomi Watts, Josh Radnor and John Waters.

Sit Down Luncheon

Lemon herb chicken breast

Topped with Italian parsley on a bed of ...

Minted pea puree and mashed potato puree

With matchstick spring pea pods

Black Beauty zucchini Carpaccio

Topped with a

Tower of diced, sautéed vegetables, including: roasted tomatoes, yellow peppers, eggplant and green beans tossed in a white balsamic vinaigrette

Two dots of herb oil

Pickled carrot ribbons

Garnished with dill


Bread basket

Rosemary baguette and breadsticks

With butter


Mixture of plain and double-dipped pretzel sticks

In chocolate, caramel and toasted nuts

Mini chocolate malt cake

Mini brownie cakes layered with chocolate fudge sauce, brownie crumbs and charred baby marshmallows

Strawberry tiramisu

Layers of vanilla ladyfingers soaked with Framboise syrup, mascarpone crème, strawberries and served in a tart shell

Selections served with ...