Without jinxing him, it seems like Christopher Nolan is the man to pay attention to in the world of film. We can't think of another filmmaker who has engendered as much goodwill, while living up to his creative promise, as Nolan has (though we're sure you'll be quick to contradict us, in the cruelest way possible, in the comments section). And because he has audiences wrapped around his finger, anytime we get a little bit of insight into his work, it feels like a very big deal.

Case in point: 'The Dark Knight Rises'' bad guy Tom Hardy recently appeared on Alan Carr's talk-show in the U.K., and in a few short minutes blew the minds of Nolan fans by revealing some updates on his villainous character in the new Caped Crusader film, and also surprisingly revealed that 'Inception' sequels have been discussed.

Hardy revealed in his interview with Carr that he has signed on for more 'Inception' installments. No word on how many exactly, and according to Hardy, he's not even sure they would happen. This was more of a formality on Warner Bros.' part, in case the movie turned out to be a blockbuster hit, so they could keep all the elements that worked in place (which is exactly what happened). But still, if you somehow didn't get enough 'Inception' the first time around, there's actually a chance you'll get a second helping.

As for Batman news, Tom Hardy offered a few choice bon mots that are sure to drive you crazy, if you're the kind of person who watches the Internet like a hawk, scouring for Batman updates, that is. We already know he'll be playing the muscled-up villain Bane; if your only memory of Bane is the 'roided-out, rubber-looking thing from Joel Schumacher's 'Batman and Robin,' Hardy assures you that that will not be the way he plays it. Without giving too much away too soon, Hardy revealed that he has about three months between now and the production start date to bulk up by about 25–30 pounds. And will he be wearing the so-called "gimp mask" for Nolan's movie? In Hardy's words, "Nolan will revisit that territory entirely."

Check out the video to hear Hardy talk about 'The Dark Knight Rises' in his own words, and reveal a little bit into the personality of Christopher Nolan.

What would it take for you to watch an 'Inception' sequel?

What would you like to see in Nolan's version of Bane?
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