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Perry Moore, the executive producer of the 'Chronicles of Narnia' movie trilogy, was found dead in his SoHo apartment early Thursday morning, the NY Daily News is reporting.

The 39-year-old producer died after an apparent overdose of OxyContin, acccording to sources. However, an official ruling on his death has yet to be determined.

Moore, who was also a writer and a director, was found unconscious by his partner, Hunter Hill, and "prounounced dead shortly after responders arrive."

According to the report, Moore's death came as a shock to everyone, including his 69-year-old father, Bill Moore, who told the Daily News that he had spoken to him the night before and that his son "was in a great, great mood."

Moore's additional film credits include the 2008 Southern drama 'Lake City,' in which he co-wrote and directed with Hill. The film stars Oscar winner Sissy Spacek as a mother who reunites with her son years after a family tragedy drew them apart.

In 2007, Moore published the young-adult novel 'Hero,' about the world's first teen gay superhero.