Olivia Wilde is probably not going to play Lara Croft in a film reboot of the 'Tomb Raider' franchise; the fact that a gossip site called The Fan Carpet is the source of this rumor is the only proof we need of that. However, Cinema Blend (where we first saw the news) put it best: the upside to posting any wild and crazy Olivia Wilde rumor is that you can start your story with a big picture of Ms. Wilde. See above.

One of the biggest rising stars on the film scene right now, Wilde was a highlight of 'TRON: Legacy' for fans, and the sole redeeming feature for those who hated the film. Next she'll be seen battling aliens in the old west alongside Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford in this summer's 'Cowboys and Aliens' (and we certainly can't disregard her long-running role on TV's 'House'). Her appeal is not just that she's easy on the eyes; she brings genuine warmth and intelligence to all of the roles she plays.

We here at Cinematical are rather fond of Olivia Wilde. We're unashamed of that. Seeing that she's becoming one of the go-to gals for casting geeky projects, we're also unashamed to fan cast her in a few geek-centric roles that she'd easily knock out of the park. Speaking of Lara Croft...

The Character: Lara Croft

Who Is She: The heroine of the 'Tomb Raider' video game series, Lara's a globetrotting millionaire adventuress with a knack for tracking down priceless artifacts and stirring up all sorts of trouble. The bodies of countless adversaries, whether they be man or beast, lie in her wake.

Why Olivia Wilde Should Play Her: 'Tomb Raider' has already been adapted into a film series (both of them starring Angelina Jolie, both of them rather terrible), but there has been talk of a reboot for quite some time. However, with the video game series itself currently undergoing a massive reboot, what better time is there? The upcoming 'Tomb Raider: Lara Croft Reborn' is a reset button on the entire series, re-imagining Lara as a younger, more vulnerable, more human and less cartoonishly busty protagonist. With Lara Croft no longer a buxom, unstoppable superhero, who better to take on the role of a tough young woman facing the unknown than Wilde? As already mentioned, the chances of this actually happening are slight, but if a new film chooses to follow this revisionist path ... who knows?

The Character: Lois Lane

Who Is She: The wife or girlfriend (depending on your continuity) of Superman in the DC comics universe, Lois is a tough-as-nails investigative reporter for The Daily Planet and frequent alien/robot/evil bald billionaire abductee.

Why Olivia Wilde Should Play Her: When portrayed at her best, Lois Lane is a spunky go-getter who gets away with all sorts of trouble by being a damn fine reporter (see: Margot Kidder in 1978's 'Superman'). When portrayed at her worst, Lois Lane is a blank slate with an unmoving face that exists only so she can be kidnapped by Lex Luthor and to give Superman a ticking clock to overcome (see: Kate Bosworth in 'Superman Returns'). It's easy to imagine that Wilde, who embodies "medical professional" quite well on 'House,' could lend the proper weight to the role of a hard-working journalist with a huge professional interest (and massive crush) in Henry Cavill's Superman.

The Character: Tulip O'Hare

Who Is She: One of the lead characters in Garth Ennis' acclaimed comic book series 'Preacher,' Tulip is an expert marksman and professional hitman (hitwoman?) who teams up with her super-powered preacher boyfriend Jesse and his vampire buddy Cassidy to track down God after he abandons heaven.

Why Olivia Wilde Should Play Her: 'Preacher' has almost been made as a TV series or a film on several occasions, with names like Mark Steven Johnson and Sam Mendes attached. Now that DJ Caruso is expressing interest, we can slide Wilde into a role that's actually quite different than any of the others on this list. It's easy to imagine Wilde playing a smart, charming professional type, but we've yet to see her play a gun-toting southerner with a foul mouth and a temper who solves her problems with jaw-dropping amounts of brutal violence. If we're going to fan cast her into every imaginable comic book property in existence, we might as well have the courtesy to offer her some variety!

The Character: Nurse Christine Chapel

Who Is She: A recurring character on the original 'Star Trek' TV series, Nurse Chapel served on the Enterprise as part of a personal quest to track down her missing scientist fiance. She 'sorta' finds him, but he's a robot. On several occasions, she served as a romantic foil for Spock, but little came of their on-again, off-again flirtations.

Why Olivia Wilde Should Play Her: Why should Olivia Wilde join JJ Abrams' rebooted 'Star Trek' universe? Why shouldn't she? That's like asking why someone would want a scoop of ice cream on top of their pie. Go ahead and Photoshop her into this cast picture. Go ahead. Do it. There is absolutely no way she would look out of place alongside Starfleet-uniformed Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine. There is no evidence that Nurse Chapel will be in the inevitable 'Star Trek 2', but she'd be a natural addition to the cast, either as the third point of a love triangle between Spock and Uhura or maybe as a love interest for Kirk (which would force him to cease his galaxy-wide sexcapades -- CURSES!).

The Character: Wonder Woman and/or Poison Ivy

Who Are They: Two highly notable DC comic book characters with nothing in common except that they've been condensed into one entry to keep this thing from running too long. Wonder Woman is an Amazonian warrior superhero with a golden lasso and a possible bondage fetish. Poison Ivy is a former scientist turned plant creature who routinely terrorizes Gotham City with all kinds of botanical plots. Neither has gotten proper big screen treatment.

Why Olivia Wilde Should Play Them: Besides the obvious answer of "Because she's Olivia Wilde and we like her and we're nerds so we can only imagine her being cast in nerdy things?" Um... Uh... Oh look! Here's another picture of Olivia Wilde!

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