Longtime Nine Inch Nails fans have finally stopped gawking at their teenage antihero picking up his first Golden Globe for 'The Social Network' (and there may be an Oscar win later this month ... ). The New York Times wants to keep the party going. They've released a cool behind-the-scenes video of Trent Reznor in his home studio with partner in crime, Atticus Ross, talking about their work on Fincher's movie.

In the video, Reznor discusses his thinking process while approaching the project and how Jesse Eisenberg's role as Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg hit close to home. "The pace of the dialogue and the way it looks ... there was a good moment of panic where we had to think, "What is music going to do in this?" he told The New York Times.

"There's no sweeping landscapes to fill out with sound and battle scenes. How do we put ourselves in the role of the Zuckerberg character -- someone that doesn't feel like they fit in, trying to validate themselves by pursuing a great idea and screwing some people over in the process. I can relate to all those things, and I've had versions of that in my own life."

Fincher proved to be the perfect collaborator for Reznor and Ross who say they sent the director about 17 compositions and that 15 were actually included in the final score. The soundtrack was a fluid transition from the work the duo have been doing for Nine Inch Nails, which Reznor describes as something "organic and imperfect over things that feel the opposite."

Find out what Reznor put in the movie's score that was meant to "gnaw at your nerves," and feast your ears and eyeballs on the delicious vintage synth porn in the video interview below.