Let's start with the interesting casting, shall we? It's all downhill from there.

Just the other day, Benjamin Walker was cast as Honest Abe in the upcoming film 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,' which will see our 16th president fighting off fanged fiends. Now he might have a mentor: Joaquin Phoenix. Deadline reports that he's the front-runner for the gig, the "Watcher" to Walker's presidential slayer. Is Phoenix finally done with his weirdly hairy rap urges?

And remember 'Real Genius'? The flick where Val Kilmer played the loose-cannon genius who loves toxic waste? According to THR, he's teaming up with the genius who cracked under pressure, Lazlo (or, in the real world, Jon Gries), for a new feature. Less quirky and more heartfelt, 'Deep in the Heart' will tell the story of an alcoholic who reinvents himself and uses charitable donations to put hundreds of kids through college. Oh, and Kilmer's also very hairy in it. Check out their reunion pic in the THR link.

Hit the jump and prepare to groan ...

Variety reports that Tyler Perry will star in a new flick called 'I, Alex Cross.' The name might sound familiar if you're a fan of flicks like 'Kiss the Girls,' which had Morgan Freeman playing "Dr. Alan Cross." And yes, it's the very same character, getting a reboot origin tale to see the detective/psychologist in his earlier days. It'll be Perry's first big action movie role. Only time will tell whether he'll also play Cross' rotund mother too.

And if that's not enough to make your brows furrow, chew on this: a new cinematic road trip is brewing with Babs and the Green Hornet. We kid not -- THR reports that Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen will star in a road-trip comedy called 'My Mother's Curse.' The pair will travel across the country as Rogen tries to sell things (he's playing an inventor), and his mom reunites with a lost love. Is this 'Road Trip' meets 'Letters to Juliet'? At the very least, this has the potential of being better than Streisand's last Focking comedy -- Anne Fletcher ('The Proposal') is directing the script written by Dan Fogelman.

And finally, 'New Year's Eve' just got even more supremely awesome. (There might be some sarcasm in that sentence. Just a touch.) Deadline reports that Halle Berry won't be smooching Jon Bon Jovi to ring in the New Year like planned in Garry Marshall's follow-up to 'Valentine's Day.' That honor is now going to Katherine Heigl. Having backed out of 'Adaline,' her schedule was clear and just waiting for for another terrible romcom to add to her roster. It's come full-circle, really: she was in talks for the first film, but it never came to fruition.
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