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If you asked 100 random people on the street who they thought was the nicest guy in Hollywood, we bet most (if not all) would say "Tom Hanks." He just presents himself like a decent, laid-back, lovably dorky guy, and we would have assumed that he was able to raise (semi)normal kids in a town as image-obsessed as Los Angeles.

But then his son, Chet decided to become a rapper.

Urlesque has the full-breakdown on the story so far, but if you need a quick recap, here it is: Chet Hanks has rechristened himself Chet Haze, pulled himself up from the streets of Malibu and is layin' down some ill verses in between taking classes at Northwestern University. Oh, and then he became a walking punchline, setting himself up for perfectly for parody -- like the new video that imagines the diss track he'll throw down on ol' Pops.

To fully understand what is happening, here is his debut track 'White and Purple (NU Remix)'

Regardless of whatever you think about his actual rhyming skill, you can't deny the thug life-frat boy-party hard (but still go to class) image he cultivated is ridiculous. You can't be the son of a guy who has grossed over 3 billion dollars in movie roles and then act like you came from the streets; sorry, you need to come up with a different gimmick. We'd make a joke about how he just watched 'Yo! MTV Raps' to form his hip-hop playbook, but that show was probably already off the air by the time he got old enough to start spittin' verse, so let's make a reference to 'TRL' and call it a day.

In the meantime, Jason Newman and the folks over at Urlesque have raised the game with 'Hanks for Nothing' -- the Tom Hanks Diss Track. Listen to Jason's scarily accurate Chet Haze impression and marvel at Jason-Chet's ability to name drop every Tom Hanks movie ever. Even 'Radio Flyer.'

Want to rap along at home? They've even got a lyrics sheet for you to practice with; so start reading up and soon you can be embarrassing your own father, in no time.