2011 Sundance Film Festival

We're tracking all the acquisition news from the 2011 Sundance Film Festival right here, with links to the official film guide, distributor information, release dates (if announced), plus links to further information on the deal, either here at Cinematical or elsewhere. Please bookmark this link as we'll be updating it throughout the festival, and if we're missing anything feel free to shoot us an email or comment below. (You'll also be able to find a handy link to this list under our Hot Topics section to the right of your screen.)

Latest updates:
(2/3): 'The Devil's Double'
(1/30): 'Bellflower'

Distribution Deals -- Confirmed:

* 'Another Earth.' Science fiction romance. With William Mapother, Brit Marling. Directed by Mike Cahill. Fox Searchlight. (See indieWIRE article.)

* 'Bellflower.' Drama. With Evan Glodell, Jessie Wiseman. Directed by Evan Glodell. Oscilloscope. (See indieWIRE article.) Theatrical release date: Summer 2011.

* 'Buck.' Documentary. Directed by Cindy Meehl. Sundance Selects. (See indieWIRE article.)

'Cedar Rapids.' Comedy. With Ed Helms, John C. Reilly, Sigourney Weaver. Directed by Miguel Arteta. Fox Searchlight. Theatrical release date: February 11.

'Corman's World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel.' Documentary. With Roger Corman, Jack Nicholson, Martin Scorsese. Directed by Alex Stapleton. A&E IndieFilms (television rights).

* 'The Details.' Comedy. With Tobey Maguire, Elizabeth Banks. Directed by Jacob Aaron Estes. Weinstein Company. (See Thompson on Hollywood.)

* 'The Devil's Double.' Drama. With Dominic Cooper, Ludivine Sagnier. Directed by Lee Tamahori. Lionsgate / Herrick Entertainment. (See The Hollywood Reporter.)

* 'The Flaw.' Documentary. Directed by David Sington. New Video. Theatrical release date: 2011.

* 'The Future.' With Hamish Linklater, Miranda July. Directed by Miranda July. Roadside Attractions. (See indieWIRE article, plus Cinematical review by Jenni Miller.)

'The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.' Documentary. Directed by Morgan Spurlock. Sony Pictures Classics -- Rumored before the festival and now confirmed. Theatrical release date: April.

* 'The Guard.' Action comedy. With Brendan Gleason, Don Cheadle. Directed by John Michael McDonagh. Sony Pictures Classics.

* 'Gun Hill Road.' Drama. With Esai Morales, Judy Reyes, Isiah Whitlock Jr. Directed by Rashaad Ernesto Green. Motion Film Group. (See indieWIRE article.) Theatrical release date: Early summer.

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'Hobo With a Shotgun.' Action. With Rutger Hauer. Directed by Jason Eisener. Magnet Releasing.

* 'Homework.' Coming of age drama. With Freddie Highmore, Emma Roberts. Directed by Gavin Wiesen. Fox Searchlight. (See indieWIRE article.) Theatrical release date: 2011.

* 'I Melt with You.' Drama. With Thomas Jane, Jeremy Piven, Rob Lowe, Carla Gugino, Sasha Grey. Directed by Mark Pellington. Magnolia Pictures. (See indieWIRE article.)

'In a Better World.' Drama. With Mikael Persbrandt, Ulrich Thomsen. Directed by Susanne Bier. Sony Pictures Classics.

'Incendies.' Drama. Directed by Denis Villeneuve. Sony Pictures Classics. Theatrical release date: April 1.

'I Saw the Devil.' Thriller. Directed by Kim Jee-won. Magnet Releasing.

'Kaboom.' Comedy/drama. With Thomas Dekker, Haley Bennett, Juno Temple. Directed by Gregg Araki. IFC Films. Available on demand: January 21. Theatrical release date: January 28.

* 'The Last Mountain.' Documentary. Directed by Bill Haney. Dada Films. (See indieWIRE article.) Theatrical release date: June 3.

* 'The Ledge.' Drama. With Charlie Hunnam, Liv Tyler, Terrence Howard, Patrick Wilson. Directed by Matthew Chapman. IFC Films. (See The Hollywood Reporter for more.)

* 'Life in a Day.' Documentary. Directed by Kevin Macdonald. National Geographic. (See indieWIRE article for more.) Theatrical release date: July 24; will also be available on YouTube.

* 'Like Crazy.' Romantic drama. With Anton Yelchin, Felicity Jones. Directed by Drake Doremus. Paramount. (See indieWIRE story, also Erik Davis' review.)

'Mad Bastards.' Drama. Directed by Brendan Fletcher. Sundance Selects (IFC Films). Available on demand: January 24.

* 'Martha Marcy May Maylene.' Drama. With Elizabeth Olsen, Sarah Paulson, John Hawkes. Directed by Sean Durkin. Fox Searchlight. (See indieWIRE article for more.) Theatrical release date: 2011.

* 'Margin Call.' Thriller. With Kevin Spacey, Paul Bettany, Jeremy Irons, Zachary Quinto. Directed by J.C. Chandor. Roadside Attractions / Lionsgate. (See indieWIRE story.) Theatrical release date: 2011.

'Meek's Cutoff.' Drama. With Michelle Williams, Bruce Greenwood, Paul Dano. Directed by Kelly Reichardt. Oscilloscope.

'The Music Never Stopped.' Drama. With J.K. Simmons, Julia Ormond, Lou Taylor Pucci. Directed by Jim Kohlberg. Roadside Attractions.

* 'My Idiot Brother.' Comedy. With Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel, Emily Mortimer. Directed by Jesse Peretz. The Weinstein Co. (See Thompson on Hollywood story.)

* 'Page One: A Day in the Life of the New York Times.' Documentary. Direced by Andrew Rossi. Magnolia Pictures / Participant Media. (See indieWIRE article for more.) Theatrical release date: 2011.

* 'Pariah.' Drama. With Adepero Oduye, Pernell Walker, Kim Wayans. Directed by Dee Rees. Focus Features (See indieWIRE article for more, as well as the Cinematical review by Eric D. Snider.)

* 'Perfect Sense.' Romantic drama. With Ewan McGregor, Eva Green. Directed by David Mackenzie. IFC Films. (See The Wrap report; Jenni Miller's review.)

* 'Project Nim.' Documentary. Directed by James Marsh ('Man on Wire'). Before the festival, HBO owned all U.S. rights; will now partner with Roadside Attractions on theatrical and DVD rights. (See indieWIRE article.)

* 'Red State.' Horror. With Michael Parks. Directed by Kevin Smith. Smodcast Pictures (self-distributed; see Cinematical's story). Theatrical release date: road show begins March 5; in theaters October 19.

* 'Salvation Boulevard.' Comedy. With Pierce Brosnan, Jennifer Connelly, Ed Harris, Greg Kinnear, Jim Gaffigan, Marisa Tomei. Directed by George Ratliff. IFC Films / Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions. (See indieWIRE article.)

'Septien.' Drama. Directed by Michael Tully. Sundance Selects (IFC Films). Available on demand: January 23.

'Take Shelter.' Drama. With Michael Shannon, Jessica Chastain. Directed by Jeff Nichols. Sony Pictures Classics.

'Terri.' Comedy. With John C. Reilly. Directed by Azazel Jacobs. ATO Pictures. Theatrical release date: Late Spring.

'These Amazing Shadows.' Documentary. Directed by Paul Mariano and Kurt Norton. Sundance Selects (IFC Films). Available on demand: January 22.

'The Troll Hunter.' Thriller. Directed by Andre Ovredal. Directed by Magnet Releasing.

'Uncle Kent.' Comedy. With Kent Osborne. Directed by Joe Swanberg. IFC Films. Available on demand: January 21.

'Win Win.' Drama. With Paul Giamatti, Amy Ryan. Directed by Tom McCarthy. Fox Searchlight. Release date: March 25.

* Updated.

Deals in date order, latest listed first:

(1/28): 'The Flaw,' 'Pariah,' 'The Future.'

(1/27): 'Salvation Boulevard,' 'Project Nim,' 'Gun Hill Road,' 'The Last Mountain.'

(1/26): 'Perfect Sense,' 'I Melt with You,' 'Another Earth,' 'The Details.'

(1/25): 'The Guard.'

(1/24): 'Martha Marcy May Marlene,' 'Page One,' 'Life in a Day, 'Buck,' 'The Ledge.'

(1/23): 'Homework,' 'Red State,' 'My Idiot Brother,' 'Like Crazy,' 'Margin Call.'