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Ever see that scene in 'Scanners' when that dude's head blew up?

Today, marks the 30th anniversary of the release of 'Scanners,' the sci-fi cult hit, from David Cronenberg, about a group of advanced humans possessing telepathic and telekinetic abilities. A civil war breaks out, as the good-natured Scanners try to stop the evil Revok and his Scanner Underworld from killing all humans -- as graphically as possible.

If you have watched 'Wayne's World' hundreds of times, but never understood the obscure reference being made while Garth freaks out, you have missed out on one of movie-dom's most notorious death scenes. Oscar-winning make-up artist Dick Smith created a gory special effect that demonstrated the full power of a Scanner -- and luckily for all of us, the internet has preserved it forever, in a variety of ways, from the hilarious to the artistic.

So in honor of its 30th anniversary, let us celebrate the internet's greatest tributes to that scene in 'Scanners' when that dude's head blew up. (Oh yeah, for the biggest "no duh" statement of the year, all of these scenes are NOT SAFE FOR WORK.)

First, as a refresher, let's look at the original scene.

Really, there's only one thing we can say to describe that scene: totally metal.

If you don't think 'Scanners' has any relevancy to current pop culture, then maybe this video will change your mind.

If you love classic internet memes, you might like "The Chuck Norris Stare-Down."

Here is a sophisticated, subtle approach to the pressure build-up of a dude's head blowing up.

If you're a brave soul, who likes to look straight into the bizarre center of the internet, then maybe you can endure "Nannerpuss will BLOW YOUR HEAD OFF."

If this whole thing is just too mean for you, perhaps you'd like this positive, uplifting look at Scanners.

Our personal favorite: a progressive, avant-garde approach that has offered a new interpretation to sound and image.

Alright, enough of this noise! Play 'em off Keyboard Cat!