In the last few years, a number of Martin Luther King Jr. biopics have been bubbling. Universal wanted to tackle his assassination, Steven Spielberg is working on a biopic, Samuel L. Jackson was looking to play him on Broadway and Lee Daniels is looking into the bloody events at Selma. But as time passes, the Universal project has gone into hiding and there's a new assassination piece in the works to fill the void.

Vulture reports that as we gear up for the 83rd anniversary of MLK's birth, filmmaker Paul Greengrass is prepping a new feature called 'Memphis.' Insiders say that Greengrass wrote the film from his own research, which will look at King's life as he tried to organize the Tennessee city's sanitation workers in the spring of 1968, right before he was murdered on April 4. As the site points out, King was facing a lot of struggles both personally and professionally -- alcohol, tense ties to President Johnson because of Vietnam and political disagreement with the Black Power movement.

There's no word on how and when this will be made -- especially seeing that his name is circling the 'Cleopatra' epic. But let's hope this works out and returns him to his earlier roots. His two films before becoming the man behind 'Bourne' and flying 'United 93' were 'The Murder of Stephen Lawrence,' about a young black man murdered by white kids and 'Bloody Sunday,' a film detailing the events of the non-MLK Bloody Sunday in Ireland during the 1972 march.

Hit the jump for a taste of O. Russell's '2 Guns.'

Now that David O. Russell is riding high on 'The Fighter' buzz, Deadline reports that Universal wants the filmmaker to rewrite '2 Guns,' the graphic novel the studio picked up in 2008 in order to make a modern buddy cop movie. It focuses on two thieves who plan to rip off some mobsters, but it turns out that they're not criminals, but a DEA agent and naval intelligence officer.

One of the undercover dudes will be played by Vince Vaughn, who is supposed to be working with the actor on 'Old St. Louis.' However, according to Deadline's piece, they only "discussed" working together on the film, which focuses on a traveling toy salesman who reconnects with his estranged daughter. 'Guns' is definitely the safer studio bet, and if he can channel a little 'Three Kings' into the feature, it should be a wild and successful ride.
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