2010 was a good year to get your effects-laden short film noticed by Hollywood. Both 'Pixels,' Patrick Jean's short about NYC's destruction at the hands of video game icons, and 'Panic Attack!', Fede Alvarez' short about a robots invading Uruguay, caught the attention of big wig producers like Adam Sandler and Sam Raimi. Carl Rinsch's short/ad campaign 'The Gift' also set Hollywood tongues wagging, inciting a bidding war for feature length rights.

And if Ben Craig's 'Modern Times' is any indication, Hollywood still has their eye on the Internet for innovative new talent. Check out his short, which is just shy of four minutes, right here:

The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision blog did some solid digging into the story behind the film's production, which is definitely worth a read if you're an aspiring shorts maker yourself and you need some motivation. The quick version of it is that Craig was bitten with the filmmaking bug while working as an art director for commercials in Scottland. So one day he got a few buddies together to help him address a burning question he had: if mankind keeps preserving certain films deemed to be of huge cultural importance, who exactly is going to be watching them in the future? And how exactly would they go about watching them?

He filmed it over a weekend using borrowed equipment and talent (sometimes buying beer for friends is all you need) and then spent two months learning how to do all of the film's effects on his home computer. The result is the beauty you see above.

According to Heat Vision, Craig has already received numerous communiques from producers, studios and talent agencies offering to fly him out to Hollywood for meetings. Just goes to show that if you've got a good idea, try it. You never know what'll happen until you do.