A new conspiracy theory has cropped up online in advance of 'Tron: Legacy' hitting theaters next month; one that suggests Disney is hiding the original 'Tron' by keeping it off DVD shelves in order to -- and yes, this sounds weird -- keep people from seeing it for fear it will turn them off from watching its sequel this December. Rebecca Keegan over at the LA Times did some digging and noticed that a copy of 'Tron' was almost impossible to come by these days, with Netflix listing it as "availability unknown" and users on eBay charging through the roof for any used copies. Furthermore, a scan of 30 Blockbusters in Los Angeles resulted in only two having copies in stock.

Definitely strange, especially since Disney (the ones putting out 'Tron') just recently re-released 'Toy Story' and 'Toy Story 2' in theaters (and on DVD/Blu-ray) prior to the theatrical release of 'Toy Story 3' this past summer. You'd think there would be an audience interested in catching up with the original 'Tron' prior to watching its sequel, right? Surely a studio wouldn't pass up the opportunity to capitalize on all the hype floating around this franchise right now ... right?

So then what gives? Is Disney really hiding 'Tron' on purpose, or are they simply preparing for an even bigger surprise? Sure, its effects may look silly now even though back in 1982 they were ahead of its time, but 'Star Wars' was also ahead of its time and those original films are beloved by millions. Heck, Disney wouldn't be making a sequel to 'Tron' if the original wasn't so cemented in our neon blue-filled pop-culture hearts. Keegan does note that Disney intends to release a new Blu-ray edition of 'Tron' in 2011, but that could come several months after Tron: Legacy hits theaters; most likely tied to the latter film's home video release as well.

What do you think? Are you one of those people itching to see 'Tron' before 'Tron: Legacy'? Do you think Disney should host special screenings so fans can see the original?
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