Brad PittIs Hollywood's most famous couple planning to reunite on the big screen?

According to Indie Wire (via the Hungarian site [Origo] filmklub) Brad Pitt is set to make a cameo appearance in Angelina Jolie's untitled directorial debut, which chronicles a love story set amidst the Bosnian war.

During a set visit on Saturday, the site spotted Pitt taking photographs in costume, though it was unable to identify what his cameo in the film will actually be.

It's possible, too, that Pitt won't even appear in the film, as he's reportedly been taking photographs on set for his own personal use.

If it does happen, however, it will mark Pitt and Jolie's first major collaboration since they appeared together in the 2005 hit 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith,' during which their off-screen affair infamously began.

No word yet on when Jolie's film, which she also wrote, will hit theaters, though Indie Wire speculates that it could hit the festival circuit next fall.

Tell us: Does a potential cameo from Brad Pitt increase your interest in this movie? Or will it be too distracting?
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