'Little Fockers' -- the supposedly concluding chapter of the timeless cinematic trilogy and also the most expensive pun in the history of the universe -- has finally graced us with a new trailer, and it's... well, it's definitely a trailer. Despite this literally being the poster for American mediocrity, there's something inherently comforting about these films, what with their snowy suburbia, holiday spirit, and endless scenes of Ben Stiller embarrassing and / or maiming himself (if this flick is a hit he might become the second most important Jew to contemporary Christmas gatherings). Those are presumably the same reasons for which people flock to the franchise in the first place, because going to see one of these comedies for laughs is kinda like burrowing into the Earth in search of sunshine. There are strains of plague funnier than Robert De Niro, and 'Little Fockers' (or as it's known in Germany: 'Meine Frau, unsere Kinder und ich') seems less interested in improving upon its predecessors than it does regurgitating them.

Having said all that, 'Little Fockers' was directed by Paul Weitz rather than Jay Roach, and that the change of pace might bring some new life to the series. It's certainly not the coolest franchise in the world, but it might not be one beyond saving. Follow the jump to check the trailer out for yourself.

This new trailer -- which wisely returns to the series to the holiday milieu and begins with an admittedly amusing moment -- tells us a few things. First, Teri Polo is alive. Second, the Jack Byrnes character is now such a parody of himself that he'll readily say things that defy both logic and syntax in order to get a cheap laugh (i.e. "The Godfocker"). And third: This is probably one of those scripts that Jessica Alba shouldn't have used. Other important tidbits include reassurance that Ben Stiller will bleed profusely for our amusement due to a self-inflicted injury, and that if you drink every time someone says the word "Focker" you'll be dead before the third act (even if you're drinking water).

Weitz's involvement is unfortunately omitted from the trailer, but "From the director of 'Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant' might not be much of a selling point. This is a movie being sold on its resemblance to the movies it's succeeding, and on that count this latest trailer is a rousing success. $13 or so is ultimately not an unreasonable price to pay for 100 minutes of comfort during the darkest days of the year, but if 'Little Fockers' phones it in as egregiously as 'Sex and the City 2,' then this "Focker Sandwich" might be the series' last meal.
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