Channing TatumWe've now had over two years to digest the information that Jonah Hill is bringing the diverse eighties series '21 Jump Street' to the big screen -- the show about undercover cops who deal with youth crimes and excel in their abilities to make believable high school and college students. This new incarnation, written by Michael Bacall, will be an "R-rated, insane, Bad-Boys-meets-John Hughes-type movie," and it will be helmed by the wonders behind 'Clone High' and 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs' -- Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

But that's only half of it. Now that the behind-the-scenes particulars have been figured out, it's time to cast this sucker, and for the lead, they want the man familiar with 'Dear John' letters, who can 'Step Up,' fight the 'Rise of the Cobra' and be a Pretty Boy Floyd. In other words, they want Channing Tatum.

Deadline reports that after meeting with a bunch of potential leading men, Tatum is at the top of the list to lead Hill's '21 Jump Street' cast and tiptoe down Jump Street with Hill. Though he hasn't yet entered negotiations, sources say that Channing is about to head into that process and ultimately -- barring unforeseen negotiation problems -- sign on the dotted line.

They might want to change it to 21 Beverly Hills, or the mouthful 2190210, as Tatum already pushes the boundaries of the youthful look necessary to believe that he can enter high school and not immediately be labeled as a narc. Heck, even Hill is older than all of the fresh-faced stars of the original series, the oldest of which was Dustin Nguyen at age 25. (Hill will be 27 next month, while Tatum is 30.)

Nevertheless, age is very often irrelevant in Hollywood. If a 36-year-old Anne Bancroft can play the old-enough-to-be-his-mother lover of a 30-year-old Dustin Hoffman in 'The Graduate,' anything is possible.

Do Tatum + Hill whet your Jump Street appetites?
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