Halloween 2010 may have come and gone, but there's certainly no harm in planning for the future. Plus, if Disney's newest feature film venture winds up being a hit, you're looking at three Halloween costumes in one, a cowboy, ninja and a viking. As reported by Variety, the studio just nabbed the rights to AJ Lieberman's comic book, 'Cowboy Ninja Viking,' and hired 'Zombieland' scribes Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese to pen the script and produce along with Mark Gordon and Management 360 who joined to form MG/360 back in February.

The nine-issue volume begins with a psychotherapist named Dr. Sebastian Ghislain who is assigned to put together a counter-intelligence unit with Multiple Personality Disorder patients who become the agents known as the Triplets, referring to their three personalities. When the unit fails, someone discovers the Triplets and turns them into deadly assassins. Cowboy Ninja Viking is the Triplet tasked with finding and stopping the others.

This is certainly a unique story and sound likes something that could finally offer us a new type of hero. It seems as though all we've gotten the past few years is cliché superhero after superhero and sequel after sequel. As exciting as 'The Avengers' sounds, by the time it arrives, we'll have seen a film featuring almost all of the primary characters. And, even as the new 'Spider-Man' movie is shaping up quite nicely, what can we really expect from this reboot that'll be so wildly different from the original film, let alone the original source material?

Even better, look at this guy! Not only will Cowboy Ninja Viking make for a great Halloween costume, but a fresh and badass looking character on screen. In fact, his whole world is rather novel looking featuring all sorts of Triplets with a variety of personalities, outfits and weapons like those of Yoshitaka Amano, a pirate, gladiator, oceanographer.

Catching up on 'Cowboy Ninja Viking' is now a top priority for me. Will you check it out, too?
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