Disney was nice enough to invite Moviefone to a sneak peek of 'Tron: Legacy,' which is set to open in theaters in mid-December. Since the film is currently unfinished, Disney was only able to show us 23 minutes of the film; we saw snippets of several scenes from the movie. It bodes well for 'Tron: Legacy' that even though we saw such brief footage, our jaws were on the floor and we were completely engaged. So imagine what it'll be like when we know the whole story and all of the characters?

Here are a few things we can share with you 'Tron'-heads out there:

'Tron': Not Just for Geeks Anymore
Sure, the movie's based inside a computer-created 'Grid' where people play cyber-games against one another into perpetuity, but there's more to the film than that. In the scant footage we had to watch, there were several laugh-out-loud moments with clever dialogue and sharp humor. There are digs at old technology: "Man, you're really rocking that pager!," and even a few zingers: "Ugh, I smell like jail." They've even thrown in a cute Boston Terrier for the dog lovers in the crowd.

Awesome '80s References
Of course, the original 'Tron' movie and 'Tron' video game (read: arcade game) came out in the 1980s, so it's only natural that Disney include several references to the decade. Among them: We get to see the arcade game in mint condition and hear those amazing sound effects, and aside from the Daft Punk-created soundtrack, we're treated to many '80s songs as the movie progresses, including The Eurythmics' 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This).'

Olivia Wilde Is Perfectly Cast
If you thought that Wilde was best-suited on 'House,' think again. Cast as the savvy Quorra in 'Tron: Legacy,' Wilde almost looks like part of the computer-generated scenery. Like a cut-out from manga, her hair is cut into a short black bob, and her icy blue eyes provide stark contrast to the ever-present 'Tron' darkness.

Sexiness Abound
Sex was practically oozing off the screen, in a Disney sort of way, of course. While nothing is ever stated outright, there were some definitely suggestive moments. It helps that nearly every character wears a skintight Tron outfit, highlighting abs, curves, and arms. For the ladies, leading man Garrett Hedlund (as Sam Flynn) is stacked and cut -- his shirt comes off in one of the first scenes -- and for the gents (of which there will undoubtedly be many), several svelte femme-bot type characters supply plenty of eye candy, if the effects aren't enough.

Jaw-Dropping Effects
'Tron: Legacy' is going to give 'Avatar' a run for its money, especially in terms of the 3-D usage. There were moments when we couldn't take our eyes off the screen to take notes. Several scenes, especially ones involving the games and races, were like 'The Matrix' on speed. Light cycles, light jets, disc wars, whatever the case -- each action segment was a pure shot of adrenaline. Fanboys will salivate, kids will be hypnotized, and the naysayer will be converted. We think.

'Tron: Legacy' opens in theaters on December 17.