Now the real fun begins. Welcome back to the seventh round of our Heroes vs, Villains Tournament. For those new to the game, what we've basically done is complied a list of our favorite iconic movie heroes and villains, and then tossed them all in an NCAA-style bracket so they could square off against one another (heroes vs. heroes, villains vs. villains) each week; throwing awesome amounts of coolness and badassery at each other until only one hero and one villain are left, ready to duke it out to the death for the ultimate set of bragging rights. This round finds the toughest match-ups yet. Highlights include Alien vs. Predator, John McClane vs. Indiana Jones, Batman vs. Superman and Lord Voldemort vs. Darth Vader. Damn, this really did get hard.

Things to keep in mind: When voting, take everything you know about these characters into consideration -- from how cool their one-liners are, to how creative they can be when killing an opponent. Do they wear a cool costume or carry a badass weapon? Who are you most afraid of, and who would you root for more. You can check out last week's winners -- as well as our newly updated tournament bracket -- at the bottom of this post.

With that said, the polls are now officially open, and you can begin voting right after the jump.


John McClane vs. Indiana Jones
John McClane (DIE HARD)574 (32.0%)
Indiana Jones (INDIANA JONES)1222 (68.0%)

Batman vs. Superman
Batman (THE DARK KNIGHT)1380 (76.4%)
Superman (SUPERMAN '78, '80)427 (23.6%)

Han Solo vs. Judah Ben-Hur
Han Solo (STAR WARS)1679 (94.2%)
Judah Ben-Hur (BEN HUR)103 (5.8%)

Andy Dufresne vs. James Bond
Andy Dufresne (THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION)456 (25.6%)
James Bond (GOLDFINGER)1325 (74.4%)


Alien vs. Predator
Alien (ALIEN)965 (54.6%)
Predator (PREDATOR)804 (45.4%)

Darth Vader vs. Lord Voldemort
Darth Vader (STAR WARS)1446 (80.6%)
Lord Voldemort (HARRY POTTER)347 (19.4%)

Col. Hans Landa vs. Agent Smith
Col. Hans Landa (INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS)802 (44.9%)
Agent Smith (THE MATRIX)986 (55.1%)

Hannibal Lecter vs. John Doe
Hannibal Lecter (SILENCE OF THE LAMBS)1339 (75.3%)
John Doe (SEVEN)439 (24.7%)

And here's the entire bracket to refresh your memory ...

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