So Randy Quaid and his wife Evi have apparently been sipping the Kool-Aid, and as Vulture puts it -- 'The Onion' and Christopher Guest couldn't have choreographed their latest exploits more perfectly. The actor, best known for playing trashy Cousin Eddie in the 'National Lampoon's Vacation' movies, has hoofed it to Canada with Evi seeking asylum from the dark forces he's calling "Star Whackers." Quaid claims these Hollywood assassins are trying to kill him for his cash, and he even appeared on 'Good Morning America' earlier today to alert the world to his plight.

Evi told the morning news program that she and her husband are "Hollywood refugees seeking to be left alone by the criminals in America." This statement comes after the husband and wife were arrested for some criminal activity of their own -- squatting in a Santa Barbara home, which they claim to actually own, but documentation proved they sold the house years ago. The couple fled north after the incident, they say to save their lives. So who's the big bad? "An estate planner who had created a living trust and a county that could cash in Randy's royalty stream forever." The couple states they're not the only ones, however, and that this is a conspiracy set up by a network of Hollywood business men -- comparing the entities to the mafia and organized crime. So far, Randy and Evi claim that they've been followed, have had their cell phones tagged and computers hacked -- and that the whole scheme is set up to "sell advertising space."

The Quaids are warning that it's "very possible that Heath Ledger could have been murdered, or David Carradine." They added that even celebrities like Mel Gibson and Robert Blake may have been set up. Lindsay Lohan should also apparently be on the lookout, but we could have guessed that. Quaid has even gone so far as to warn his brother, fellow actor Dennis Quaid, that he's being victimized in the same way.

Even though the couple says they know people will think they're crazy (duh!), they desperately want us to know this is all very real. In the entertainment industry, anything's possible, so faking the funk isn't entirely out of the question à la 'I'm Still Here.' Or, the Quaids could quite possibly be cracking up and feeding off each other's paranoia. Watch the video below and tell us which way you're leaning.