Exactly one month ago we learned that 'Snow White' was getting a dark cinematic treatment with the pasty princess learning survival skills. Rather than laa-dee-daaing her way through life cleaning up after dwarves and catching the eye of princes, this new project -- 'Snow White and the Huntsman' -- would focus on her interlude with, obviously, the huntsman. In the original story, he's the guy hired by the Queen to take Snow White into the woods and kill her. In this modern twist, he does the exact opposite. The Huntsman is hired to find Snow (or is it 'White'? or is she too cool to get an informal name?), and when he learns that the evil Queen Ravenna wants to kill her stepdaughter, they go on the run.

Just a few days ago, word was bubbling that Tom Hardy -- the highly charismatic Eames in 'Inception' -- would play the Huntsman. Now eyes are turning to his boss, and while rumors had the obvious choice -- Angelina Jolie -- in mind for the part, new reports suggest that it will be Charlize Theron.

A source has told Just Jared that Theron is gearing up for the role, not Jolie. Though the latter would be an obvious choice, Jolie's got a billion projects in the works, so it's no surprise that her name would leave a new project just as quickly as it was suggested. The big question is whether this is fact, or just a rumor bred out of Hardy's reported involvement in the film.

Hardy was set to star with Theron in the new 'Mad Max' film, which got postponed yet again -- and possibly forever -- earlier this month. Did it just free up their schedules to work together on something else, or was it merely a reminder to Universal that Theron is an Oscar-winning 'Monster,' and therefore, the natural choice?

If these two actors sign on the dotted line, that'll be it for the project's big names -- word has it that Snow White herself will be played by an unknown. No matter who stars, however, let's hope this twist on the tale will also bring a twist on the inevitable conclusion. Rather than going free and running straight into the arms of a boring ol' prince, Snow White joins the Huntsman as a badass on the road.

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