Darkness falls across the land. The midnight hour's close at hand! Producers crawl in search of cinematic love, to adapt and terrorize your neighborhood.

Every day we get news about another cinematic blast from the past, and at this point in the game you'd be better off making bets on when any particular fan-loved creation will get the remake treatment, rather than if it will. Not even the King of Pop is immune.

We've been lathered in 'This Is It,' and await a documentary look at The Jackson Five, so now Hollywood is eager to move beyond the real story and sink their teeth into the material that made Michael Jackson a star. According to new reports, the short film/music video 'Thriller' is going to be morphed into a feature film.

Deadline reports that Real Effects Entertainment has been shopping a package to studios that will have Jeremy Garelick adapting the video for Kenny Ortega to direct. GK Films is said to be leading the buying charge, with studios like Fox 2000 and Summit Entertainment also interested, in "what will shape up as a pricey rights deal, but which will turn out to be a film budgeted at under $50 million."

Ortega's involvement suggests a peppy musical world in the vein of 'Newsies' and 'High School Musical,' while Garelick's involvement makes for an interesting twist. The scribe has exactly one feature film on his roster -- the Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn-starring 'The Break-Up.'

But here's where it really gets weird. We're not talking about a film that will stretch a mini, teeny tiny little story and long dance number into a 1.5-hour feature. Per usual, the plot isn't being revealed, but Deadline's sources say: "it has to do with the song's folklore, involving Vincent Price and the town he grew up in." Obviously, it won't be Price walking through his hometown of St. Louis, singing and dancing as zombies descend -- the actor passed away seventeen years ago, Monday. The preliminary logline gives it a 'My Name is Bruce' feel, but studios wouldn't be this excited about the project if it is a fully camp-tastic creation.

If you're hoping to ignore the whole idea, they're making it easy. Obviously the folks at Real Effects are stressing the song and dance aspect of the video over the creatures, which is a shame -- or blessing. The magic of 'Thriller' comes in the mixture of two icons -- Jackson's pop mentalities with John Landis' horror know-how. Sure, many of us spent hours learning the dance moves in front of our televisions, we've also got the memory of the late-night chills watching the zombies during the video's premiere, and staying up to watch the making-of documentary that followed. It was just as much fun to be zombies as to dance like them.

Now if it was a co-production between Ortega and Landis, biting their thumbs at CGI and offering up a made-by-hand creature feature of zombies and Michael Jackson tuneage, this post might look entirely different... For now, however, due to my strong personal convictions, I wish to stress that this post in no way endorses a belief in the remake.