There's a disturbance in The Force but it's not Luke Skywalker -- it's Christie's auction house in London, which is putting up for sale a Darth Vader costume believed to have been made for 'The Empire Strikes Back.'

The jet-black helmet, mask and armor are expected to sell for between $250,000 and $365,000 when it's auctioned off Nov. 25 in London. Christie's did not name the owner, identified only as an American private collector. Nor was it revealed how the owner came about getting his or her hands on the suit.

We began to wonder about some other costumes and props that might be floating around for sale (we were reminded of MGM in the early 1970s, when it pretty much sold off its entire backlot -- props and costumes -- in a series of fire sales around the Los Angeles area. What happened to all that stuff?). A quick search on the Internet came up with some interesting tidbits:

According to the Associated Press and CNN, James Bond's silver 1964 Aston Martin DB5, which was driven by Sean Connery in 'Goldfinger' and 'Thunderball,' went up for auction Wednesday by RM Auctions Automobiles in London and fetched $4.6 million. The car -- one of two used for the movies -- has all it's 007 gadgets intact.

In January of 2007, the original Cowardly Lion costume from 'The Wizard of Oz' was sold on ebay to a private bidder for more than $700,000.

The Prop Store of London and Los Angeles has tons of real movie props and costumes for sale, among them a T-1000 outfit from 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day' (for an as-yet-unspecified price) as well as an original Alien creature costume neck piece ($3,389) and Batman's (George Clooney) cowl ($8,495) from 'Batman & Robin.'

So we got to thinking about what other original costumes should go on sale (if they're available) and we came up with a short list that includes, in increasing order of cultishness:

Dark Knight
Mighty Morphin Power Ranger
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
Ape from 'Planet of the Apes'

King Kong (1933)
Godzilla (1954)
Howard the Duck

I'm sure there's a lot more that we've missed, so let's open this up for discussion. Let us know what real movie costume you'd like to get your hands on -- if money were no object.