Buzzfeed posted the above ADORABLE cross-stitch from the John Hughes classic, 'The Breakfast Club' today.

In the spirit of handmade movie knits, we scored crafty site for five of our favorite cross-stitches based on famous films. What we found were more funny than technically "well-done" (although sometimes both!)

There are tons to be found on the site by some enterprising users with talent beyond what anyone's grandmother could ever hope to achieve. But let's just go for humorous here.

Here are five that had us in stitches:

5. 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall,' "I need to B my L on someone's Ts."

In an effort to keep it clean, Jason Segel's pathetic character, going through a horrible break-up in the movie, speaks in one letter code about his need to get laid.

Not exactly the ideal quote for a cross-stitched piece in our minds, but user shaebay seems to think otherwise.

4. 'American Pie,' "This one time at band camp..."

We think it's the cartoon-ish depiction of Alyson Hannigan's band geek character playing flute that really gets us about this cross-stitch.

This quote is definitely not something your grandmother would stitch for you but somehow, the cartoon redhead makes the whole thing look cute still. Way to go, giddygirlie.

3. 'Fight Club,' "I am Jack's colon."

This is a pretty bleak line from the film for a cross-stitch badge but 'Fight Club' fans who want to wear this classic David Fincher film, can now do so.

User MaMagasin has created a badge with the narrator's infamous, "I am Jack's..." line. We would have preferred "smirking revenge."

2. 'Donnie Darko,' "Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion!"

The best part about this cross-stitch is the inclusion of Frank the Bunny's head on the bottom. That kind of attention to detail would make this mind-bending movie's writers proud.

User bombastitch has even more amazing movie cross-stitches in their store (including the ubiquitous "Han Shot First" and a 'Blues Brothers' one that almost made the list.)

1. 'Heathers,' "Eff me gently with a chainsaw."

Never has a more filthy image and turn of phrase looked so girly and cute. How very!

User DefiantDamsel also has more fun film cross-stitches in their store including one from 'American Psycho' that makes us want to return video tapes and one from 'Office Space' that is well, gangsta.

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