Just 12 hours before 'Paranormal Activity 2' officially opens at 12:01AM Friday morning, we managed to get our hands on an exclusive teaser for the film. As far as we know, this one contains no easter eggs. What the shockingly short, 15-second clip does feature, though, is Katie Featherston -- a.k.a. Katie from the first 'Paranormal Activity.'

We've known that Katie would be appearing in the Tod Williams-directed sequel, but considering the shroud of mystery that Paramount have been hiding the film under for months, it wasn't entirely clear how she would be connected to the second film. Now things are a little bit clearer: Katie appears to the be the step-aunt of baby Hunter in the trailer.

Now that doesn't explain if she's the one terrorizing the family (or even if this film takes place after the first film), but considering that she jokes about sometimes being "evil," it's probably a safe bet that she's going to be evil.

Check out the clip above, then be sure to see 'Paranormal Activity 2' when it hits theaters just after midnight tonight.