- One of the more amusing artistic relationships to emerge from the Disney-Marvel merger are these 'Tron: Legacy' variant covers of their classic heroes that will be on shelves this November.

- Daniel Radcliffe has stated that he'd love to act in a 'Harry Potter' remake down the line. Not as Harry, of course, but preferably as Sirius Black. If he's too old by the time the inevitable remake gears up, however, he's all for playing Dumbledore instead.

- The first US trailer is out for Alejandro Inarritu's ('21 Grams,' 'Babel') new film, 'Biutiful.' It's safe to say from the cut of this trailer that Roadside Attractions are gunning hard for this to be a very serious awards contender come Oscar time. Watch the trailer after the jump.

- The name of actors vying for a spot in the 'Alien' reboot grows by two as both James Franco and Anne Hathaway throw in for undisclosed roles.

- Why did Alfred Hitchcock headbutt Minnesota?

- 'The Troll Hunter,' one of the surprise hits of Fantastic Fest, has unsurprisingly been picked up by genre magnates, Magnet Releasing. They'll be putting the film in US theaters and households in 2011.

- Olatunde Osunsanmi, director of 'The Fourth Kind,' has sold a script to Warner Bros. called 'Dark Moon' that uses found footage (a la 'The Fourth Kind') to tell the real story of the "black ops" missions to the moon that the US government has been running since Apollo 17. Akiva Goldsman's Weed Road production company will be ushering the film along.
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