Every time a real-life case of blood-sucking and violence occurs, it's easy for the media to point to popular culture and blame it for inspiring the heinous act. When Rod Ferrell -- who claimed to be a 500-year-old vampire named Vesagoand -- and his "vampire clan" killed a Florida couple in 1998, people blamed everything from the RPG 'Vampire: The Masquerade' to Anne Rice's novels. Now, a young couple in Arizona have been arrested for attacking a homeless man who was acting as their blood bank and news media sources are already pointing the finger (some jokingly and others not so much) at 'Twilight' and 'True Blood.'

The transient victim, Robert Maley, had been living with Aaron Homer and Amanda Williamson (who look like twinsies!) before he was stabbed after refusing to let the couple continue to suck his blood. There was a trail of blood leaving the apartment, where Homer told police his girlfriend Amanda had been attacked by an unidentified man. Turns out Maley was found several blocks away from the gore and Homer later admitted he'd stabbed the victim because he had been making fun of his religion. Maley told police that the duo was into "vampire stuff and paganism," and had allowed them to drink his blood before. The blood-thirsty bozos were charged with aggravated assault and filing a false report to police.

Satanists everywhere are rejoicing over the fact that news junkets are foolish enough to blame films like 'Twilight' for this attack. Finally the spotlight is off them and they can go back to slaughtering goats and playing Judas Priest albums backwards. In all seriousness, the problem with blaming these ghoulish acts on recent undead teen flicks is that vampire-like attacks have been happening for ages. In 1986, John Brennan Crutchley was convicted of similar crimes. He was dubbed the "vampire rapist" after murdering more than 30 women by draining their blood and sexually assaulting them. Sometimes crazy is just crazy.