When 'Score: A Hockey Musical' opened TIFF this year, it didn't seem like the start of a new stick-and-puck trend. A highly Canadian movie about the country's most popular sport, the film came off as an okay feature for the hockey lover if "expectations [were left] on the sidelines." But now we've got another team moving onto the ice, one that's sure to -- at the very least -- make this cinematic hockey offering more recognizable.

In fact, this feature -- 'Goon' -- wasn't whipped up as an "I can do that better" response to 'Score.' 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' star Jay Baruchel started chatting about this Canadian hockey movie back in 2009, and now he's scored leading names from 'Cop Out,' 'Scott Pilgrim v. the World,' 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' and 'C.R.A.Z.Y.' to populate it.

According to reports from The Wrap and The Hollywood Reporter, the 'Goon' cast features Baruchel, Seann William Scott, Alison Pill, Liev Schreiber and Marc-Andre Grondin, and will begin production in Winnipeg later this month. The film, written by Baruchel and Evan Goldberg, focuses on a bouncer named Doug (Scott) "who has been touched by the fist of God. Upon discovering both his right hook and skates, he joins a downtrodden hockey team and inspires them into new heights." Baruchel plays his best friend, Grondin plays a French-Canadian hockey star, and Pill and Schreiber's roles haven't been revealed, though she gets the honor of "female lead."

Earlier this year, Baruchel told Coming Soon that they see the project as "a funnier 'Raging Bull.'" "It's real mean, and it's truthful, and it's everything hockey is without any of the bullsh*t sports movie clichés, and it is dead funny. Lot of swears, that's a hard R. It's a very crass movie, there are something like 20 fights in it, but it's the badass movie that hockey fans have been waiting to see their whole lives. It will be by far the best hockey movie since 'Slapshot.' Hockey fans have needed one for a long time, it's a sport that movies never do well. Ours will be a f*cking movement."

Obviously, there's no modesty in the 'Goon' camp. They're anticipating greatness, if also setting hockey fans' hopes ridiculously high. But they've definitely gone the first step -- nabbing a cast with world-wide appeal, while keeping some Canadian roots. (For those of you playing the "Guess Who's Canadian" game, Baruchel, Goldberg, Pill and Grondin are the maple leaf participants.)

Could 'Goon' be the next 'Slap Shot'?
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