RififiLast Friday, Film Forum kicked off its epic heist movies retrospective with a look back at the 1974 classic 'The Taking of Pelham One Two Three,' starring Walter Matthau.

The festival runs through Oct. 21, and if you're interested in attending, or if you've ever wondered how a retrospective is assembled, then you'll want to check out Moviefone's interview with Film Forum curator Bruce Goldstein, in which he talks about how he got started in the business, competition from online streaming and why film retrospectives aren't just for movie buffs.

He also took a few minutes to pick his five favorite movies from the heist retrospective. Check them out below.

1. 'Rififi' -- "It's perfect. It's the blueprint for other heist films. It was also a blueprint for real crimes apparently and was banned in a few places. 'Rififi' is so detailed in its preparation. People talk about the famous 30-minute heist scene at the end, but the silent preparation by [actor/director] Jules Dassin casing the jewelry store is equally brilliant."

2. 'Asphalt Jungle' -- "It was the other gold standard. I don't think it can claim to be the first heist film, but it was the one that made a worldwide impact and influenced Dassin and [Jean-Pierre] Melville. It also pushed the envelope of screen permissiveness, because the Production Code because the code stated very clearly that you're not supposed to show a crime in detail and how it's performed."

3. 'The Taking of Pelham One Two Three' -- "It's a classic caper film and this series is really about caper films."

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4. 'The Killing' -- Moviefone says: Stanley Kubrick's 1956 film revolves around a money-hungry yet incompetent group of men that attempt to rob a racetrack of two million dollars. While the film initially performed poorly upon its release, it has since been regarded as a fast-paced classic noir.

5. 'The Lavender Hill Mob' -- Moviefone says: One of the few heist comedies in the retrospective, Charles Crichton's 1951 film stars Alec Guinness as a gold bullion transporter who, with the help of Stanley Holloway, attempts to steal one million pounds worth of gold.
The Heist Film Series runs from October 1-21 at Film Forum.

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