Matthew McConaugheyMatthew McConaughey has joined the cast of Jack Black's dark comedy 'Bernie.'

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie, directed by Richard Linklater, is about a mortician (Black) in a Texas town who befriends and kills a cantankerous, wealthy widow-- played by Shirley MacLaine -- and then has to maintain the illusion that she's still alive.

McConaughey will play a district attorney who's suspicious about the widow's death. Rip Torn also stars as Black's defense attorney.

Obviously, the plot has similarities to the iconic '80's flick 'Weekend at Bernie's.' It even goes so far as to give the movie a similar title. If there's a sequel to this upcoming movie involving MacLaine as a voodoo puppet, then lawyers might have to get involved.

McConaughey is usually known for being a romantic lead, but he's also had a few comedic roles, such as in the much underappreciated Bill Murray movie 'Larger Than Life' and the more recent 'Failure to Launch.' McConaughey has also played lawyers before, most recently in 'The Lincoln Lawyer,' which has just wrapped production.

'Bernie' begins filming next month.
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